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Recent studies suggest DVT/PE risk for up to 30 days when the post-surgery patient discharge from hospital. DVT Prophylaxis has become one of the most important standards of care for non-ambulatory patients both in the hospital setting and at home.


  • The KOGE Portable DVT System brings a new level of innovation to the pneumatic compression device category. Our tube free solution comes complete with a fully inte- grated lithium ion battery that supplies over 18 hours of treatment on a single charge, assuring that patients can be transported easily from the hospital to their homes.

  • Soft-touch, breathable fabric
  • Adjustable grip strip for a perfect fit
  • Detachable-design to save the cost
  • 3-cell design to mimic ambulation

Sequential Compression

employs compression pumps and leg garments with 3 air bladders that wrap around the calf and inflate with air one at a time. This sequential inflation in which the lower air pockets inflate first, and then the middle pockets inflate second, and the upper inflate last, imitates walking and helps prevent blood clots.

Gradient Compression

uses gradual compression to force venous blood back into circulation. It applies pressure at the calf to stimulate blood flow and prevent blood from clotting. With gradient compression, the pressure is higher on the distal end of the calf and gradually decreases the further you go up the proximal part of the calf. This high distal to low proximal pressure helps increase the flow of blood upward toward the body.